About the Prints

All photo prints are made on an Epson P7000 printer. It is considered to be the “state of the art” printer today. The print permanence / longevity is rated at 200 years for color images. It is still recommended, however, to avoid direct sun contact to minimize any possible fading. I personally make all of the prints myself and guarantee that prints arrive in perfect condition or they will be replaced for free. All prints are signed open editions.

“Mounted varnished canvas prints” are of my own invention. They are similar to the popular “gallery wrap” prints that lie flush against the wall except that my mounted canvas prints appear to float about a half inch away from the wall which gives them a more elegant finished look. Another benefit of the mounted varnished canvas prints is that they do not require matting and framing. They arrive ready to hang These mounted canvas prints cost more due to the labor involved in their creation.

Regular un-mounted canvas prints can simply be glued to foam core and matted and framed like a regular paper print, however, the canvas gives the image a particularly painterly look.

Panorama print pricing is based on the short (vertical) side of the print with the length being however long it needs to be.